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Rowdy gifts inside. Dame approved.

Rowdy Little Dame is a homespun stationery and bespoke gift shop. We play in words, hand-stitched gifts and housewares, celebrating the lost art of letter writing and needle work.

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Rowdy Little Dame is always there to delight and be your reminder that the written word still matters, maybe more than ever. Creating art with fabric and floss, the possibilities are endless.

Find everything from the perfect greeting card for any occasion, to sassy tea towels for your kitchen to bawdy hand-embroidered pillows and bold hoops sewn up with delight. Each hand-sewn piece is created with love. Every box set is designed to bridge one heart to another. Heart to heart.

About this dame:

At the center of this dame’s heart is a wish for communication and connection. I was born in August of 1977 (Virgo, baby) in the enchanting desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, but now my home is in Denver, Colorado where I’m raising my family. Hands down, New Mexico has better green chile. I miss it.

My grandma, Eileen Hickman (Grande Dame) taught me how to sew, I can feel her with me every time I stitch. I’m a word girl with an embroidery needle so marrying stationary and sewing made sense. Being a parent is the rowdiest role of my life. I birthed 3 boys in 4 years, and I thank my lucky stars for my kickass husband, who helps me fill in the cracks and keep this wild ride entertaining and full of love.

Here’s a couple more totally random facts about me:

• I will never shy away from a dance floor.

• My highest bowling score is 106

• My favorite Halloween candy is Almond Joy